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The AG - A Cultural Meeting Place

AG or Academisch Genootschap - 'Academic Society' - offers members a place to meet and develop their cultural and social interests. The association was founded in 1945 and has about 600 members. Although membership is no longer limited to academics (as it was in 1945 when the society was founded), and the AG is not associated with a university, we still retain the word academic in our name. This is partly nostalgia but mainly to indicate the high level of our activities which is something of which we are proud.

The AG welcomes new members. Also young members whom we accept with open arms. Are you interested? Look around this site and discover what the AG can do for you. Maybe just sociability, but also a chance to develop your latent talents.

Although Dutch is the language used in the club,  many members can speak several languages. We welcome new members from abroad who would like to join during their stay in our country be it long or short.


Most activities in the AG take place in the sub-groups. A new sub-group is formed whenever there is a demand for a new activity. At present there are sub-groups for theatre, music, musicals, debating, films, bridge, excursions, walking, philosophy and lectures about a variety of subjects related to literature or matters related to the society we live in. English speaking members are advised to take part in those activities where language is less important such as musical activities, excursions, films, bridge etc. They, of course, can also set up their own sub-group if they so desire.
The activities take place in our own club building at the Parklaan 93 in Eindhoven, which has a large meeting room for lectures and rehearsals, a central room for social meetings and some smaller rooms for various activities. Furthermore there are good restaurant and kitchen facilities which are often used in conjunction with cultural and social events.


The AG-periodical ‘t gewAG is published five times a year and contains previews of  events and articles on various subjects, while the AG-website offers up-to-date information about events in the various sub-groups as well as information on topics related to the AG-organisation.

For further information please see Feel free to ask