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Acquaintance & Membership

Membership of the AG is open to all who, based on education, experience or interest, wishes to make use of the opportunities offered by the AG.


To learn about these opportunities, click on the ‘Activities' button to see if there is anything to your liking. Although the AG was originally an ‘Academic Society', an academic qualification is not required. Members however are expected to have a broad interest in culture, science and social development. Do you feel comfortable with these basic principles? Then you are welcome in the AG.The society's year runs from the 1st of September to the 31st of August. A written application for membership, countersigned by an AG-member, is required.
The annual subscription is fixed by the annual general meeting. The subscription for the year 2013-2014 is € 220 and a partner at the same address pays a reduced rate of € 135.


There can be a familiarisation period during which our society building is open to you. If you sign on as potential member, you will receive the society newssheet 't gewAG during the three months familiarisation period. If you like, you can be introduced to one of our members who is prepared to guide you. You can attend a number of activities without obligation.

Are you interested?

Fill in the form below or e-mail your information to the AG Welcome Committee:
If you do not include the name of a proposing AG member you will be introduced to someone who is prepared to answer your questions and inform you about the society. In any case you will receive an answer from our welcome committee. Without obligation, you will receive the latest issue of our two-monthly newssheet 't gewAG and the following issue automatically.

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