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AG International Circle

The AG Interntional Circle expresses a warm welcome to expats from various parts of the world, helping them to feel at home at the AG.

Roos Böink
Mariët Huijgen
Petra Tak
Heleen van Witteveen
Harald Ihle, phone 040 - 2413828
E-mail Petra, Mariët, Harald, Roos, Heleen

AG - the Academic Genootschap - welcomes the international community to  its homely premises at the Parklaan in Eindhoven. Most of the AG members speak foreign languages and many of them have stayed abroad during periods of their lives. They are interested in foreign cultures and have experienced what it means being ‘parachuted’ into a country they do not know.
Thousands of expats are living in the Eindhoven area. Many of them feel displaced and face various problems when trying to integrate into the Dutch society. So the idea arose within the AG to give a helping hand in these matters. Petra, Mariët, Roos, Heleen and Harald at the International Circle hope seeing you at the AG!

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