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Sinterklaas coffee morning

Who is Saint Nicholas? Is he the same as Santa Claus? Or not?

Illustration by the Dutch painter Rie Cramer

Perhaps you have heard about the Sinterklaas (Sint Nicholaas) children's party which is celebrated on December 5th?
Saint Nicholas rides on his white horse over the house roofs with his assistant Black Piet, putting presents through the chimneys.
The presents are often put inside a 'surprise', a funny object which is specially made for the person to receive the gift.

On Thursday, November 18th, 10.30 AM at the AG, Parklaan 93, Eindhoven we will tell you everything about this peculiar celebration:
- Who were Sinterklaas and his helper Black Piet?
- Their arrival in the Netherlands
- The surprise and the accompanying poem
- ... and much more

We will bring special Sinterklaas sweets which you of course may taste.

We hope to see you all again on this special occasion!
Your friends are also welcome.
Please write to
There is no entrance fee. This morning is especially organised for adults.
If you wish to bring your toddler, please contact us.

The AG has its own car park behind the building which can be reached from the Fazantlaan.
Drive east from the front of the building (away from the centre) and turn right twice. 100 metres further is the car park entrance.

Read everything about St. Nicholas at

Acquaintance morning - May 2010

Imagine a sunny Friday morning in May in the AG garden. Four AG members are having coffee and cake with six young guests: Marianna from Italy, Fawad from Pakistan, Katya from Ukraine, Barbara from Poland, Monica from Colombia and Danielle from England. They are either expats working at the Eindhoven University of Technology or their partners, eagerly discussing housing, work, funny Dutch habits and a lot of other interesting topics.
Most of the AG members speak foreign languages and many of them have stayed abroad during periods of their lives. They are interested in foreign cultures and have experienced what it means being ‘parachuted’ into a country they do not know.
Thousands of expats are living in the Eindhoven area. Many of them feel displaced and face various problems when trying to integrate into the Dutch society. So the idea arose within the AG to give a helping hand in these matters. Willem van Hoorn – responsible for the social welfare of TU/e expats –serves as the linking pin between the University and the AG.
We are back in the AG garden, witnessing the birth of the AG International Circle. Our guests appear to be interested in the activities of the AG and are given a tour around the premises. They admire the nineteenseventies’ interior with its cosy atmosphere. We discuss future activities and agree on a next gathering in a Dutch home at a point in time which also allows the partners to participate. The English part of the AG website has already been visited. This now also shows a calendar of activities of interest to non-Dutch visitors. And Katya offers to give a presentation on Russian culture for the AG audience!
We emphasize that it’s our first priority to provide a platform to get acquainted with other expats and with Dutch society. However, those who feel at home, are more than welcome to join the AG......